Unlocking the Power of the Seed


NOPA Highlights

  • 1930:
    The National Soybean Oil Manufacturers Association (NSOMA) officially adopts its organizational declaration, code of ethics, constitution and by-laws.
  • 1932:
    The association decides to systematically support the American Soybean Association (ASA) and appeals to processors to “make a contribution of $5 or $10 or less to help meet the deficit incurred by our sister association on account of bank failures.”
  • 1933:
    NSOMA total dues receipts are $659.51; expenditures are $272.12 (of which the largest was a $150 contribution to ASA); with a surplus of $387.39 on the year.
  • 1936:
    A report of the Executive Committee recommends a permanent, centralized office staff, in part because of need for continuous government relations activity.
  • 1936:
    The National Soybean Processors Association (NSPA) is officially adopted as the association’s name, changed from the National Soybean Oil Manufacturers Association.
  • 1943:
    NSPA’s annual meeting is held in September for the first time (it had always been in October), and a by-law is approved permitting September meetings, since “members found it difficult to attend a meeting right after the crop starts moving.”
  • 1945:
    NSPA establishes a Washington presence by retaining a permanent representative in the Capital City.
  • 1961:
    NSPA inaugurates its weekly statistical reporting service and displays “a growing interest in the activities of the International Association of Seed Crushers.”
  • 1972:
    NSPA first disseminates radio releases and newspaper mat releases, emphasizing to growers the desirability of increasing production. The association also adopts a new modern logo and graphic look.
  • 1989:
    National Soybean Processors Association (NSPA) changes its name to National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA), reflecting a change in its mission to represent additional oilseed processing industries.
  • 2003:
    NOPA opens its first “standalone” office, with a full time staff.
  • 2011:
    NOPA adopts Vision, Mission and Definition Statements.
  • 2013:
    NOPA announces an exclusive distribution agreement of NOPA’s Monthly Crush Statistics.
  • 2015:
    NOPA launches its new website design and logo with the tagline “Unlocking the Power of the Seed.”


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