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U.S. Chamber Coalition Letter USMCA to Congress 07/23/2019
NGFA Oral Statement 05/22/2019
NBB ASA Letter 05/22/2019
USMCA Letter 05/06/2019
Coalition to Promote US Agricultural Exports 05/06/2019
USTR Letter 04/22/2019


Aug 13 Conference Letter 08/13/2018
July 31 letter to Ag, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee 07/31/2018
Feb 8 2018 Ltr to Amb Lighthizer 02/08/2018
House Letter on Statutory PAYGO 12/21/2017


Request for Extension to DLA on RFI-Prohibited Ingredients 11/20/2017
Food-AG Ltr. to Lighthizer on NAFTA-Chapter 19 11/15/2017
Multi-Industry Letter to USTR on NAFTA 11/14/2017
Food-AG Ltr. to Governors on NAFTA 11/14/2017
Sanitary Transportation Letter 11/02/2017
NOPA EPA Strategic Plan 2018 Comments 10/31/2017
EPA Strategic Plan 2018 Comments 10/31/2017
Letter_Food AG Trade-Ag Markets Withdrawal 10/25/2017
Doud Recommendation Letter 10/12/2017
FoodAGTrade Ltr on NAFTA Chapter 19 09/14/2017
Food AG Ltr to Lighthizer-Perdue-Ross-Cohn on NAFTA Chapter 19 09/14/2017
Coalition for Safe Affordable Food Submission to AMS Questions 08/25/2017
Coalition for Safe Affordable Food Press Release 08/25/2017
AGTWG Letter to STB RE: CSX Rail Service Problems 08/17/2017
Letter on ISDS in NAFTA 08/08/2017
Rebuild Rural Coalition Letter to President 08/04/2017
Senate Ag Committee-Censky Confirmation Support 07/31/2017
US Food AG Dialogue FTA-Public Comments 07/31/2017
AG Trade Dialogue Censky Confirmation Support 07/28/2017
Renegotiating NAFTA: Opportunities for Agriculture 07/24/2017
Food AG Trade Dialogue-Doud Confirmation Letter 06/30/2017
Grain & Oilseed Sector Statement to APHIS 06/19/2017
Grain & Oilseed Sector Joint Statement to FDA RE: Genome Editing 06/19/2017
Multi Industry LUWU-PMA Contract Letter 06/13/2017
Dr. Mike Kashtock Letter 06/09/2017
USACC Letter to President Trump 06/09/2017
Food AG Trade Dialogue on Lighthizer Confirmation 04/26/2017
Ltr to Senate in Support of Acosta-Secretary of Labor 04/25/2017
House Appropriations Request Ltr from ATWG-Waterways 04/05/2017
Senate Appropriations Request Ltr from ATWG-Waterways 04/05/2017
Coalition Letter to DOT 03/21/2017
3-16 Letter to North America Food & Agriculture Trade Coalition 03/16/2017
Budget Committees Crop Insurance Letter 03/13/2017
Mulvaney Crop Insurance Letter 03/13/2017
Rural Infrastructure Coalition Letter 02/22/2017
USDA Trade Under Secretaray 02/22/2017
Asia Letter to President Trump 02/06/2017
Perdue Ag Support Letter 02/02/2017
North America Food AG Letter to President Trump 01/23/2017
Ag Group Letter Pruitt 2017 01 17 Chairman Barrasso 01/17/2017
AG Group Letter-Pruitt 01/17/2017


Ltr to Trump Transition Team on STB 11/30/2016
Joint Grain & Oilseed Section Statement to OSTP 11/07/2016
Interested AG Orgs in Support of NGFA Comments to STB on Reciprocal Switching 10/26/2016
Support for House Ag Biotech Education Funding 10/05/2016
Secretary Pritzker Hanjin Bankruptcy Impact Letter Sept 2016 09/19/2016
USACC FINAL House Ag Committee Cuba Hearing Sept 14 09/14/2016
FDA Revisions to the Sanitary Transportation of Human & Animal Food Rules 09/01/2016
Joint Letter to FDA Seeking Administrative Stay and Revisions to the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food Final Rules 08/19/2016
Multi Industry ILWU-PMA 2019 Negotiations Letter 2 08/08/2016
Multi Industry ILWU-PMA 2019 Negotiations Ltr 08/08/2016
Multi Industry ILWU-PMA 2019 Negotiations Ltr 08/08/2016
Coalition House Letter 07/11/2016
Roberts-Stabenow Letter 06/28/2016
US Food and Ag Dialogue TTIP letter 06/22/2016
Multi Association DHS Letter on 100 Maritime Cargo Scanning 06/20/2016
Multi Association DHS Letter on 100 Percent Maritime Cargo Scanning RFI 06/20/2016
TTIP Ag Groups Letter 06/20/2016
FINAL USACC Letter to Appropriations 06/13/2016
Biotech Regulatory-Joint Statement to APHIS 04/21/2016
Industry Ozone Letter 04/18/2016
P3 Letter to House & Senate 04/06/2016
Biogenic CO2 Coalition Ltr to MOCs 03/23/2016
Multi Industry ILWU-PMA 2019 Negotiations Ltr 03/15/2016
Waterways Funding Support Ltr from ATWG to House Appropriators 03/11/2016
House NESP FY17 Letter 03/02/2016
Coalition Ltr to House & Senate Budget Committees 02/25/2016
Chairman Roberts Letter on Bio Labeling 02/23/2016


COOL Reform Coalition Letter 06092015 12/02/2015
Agricultural Associations Highway Bill Ltr to Congress 11/10/2015
Agricultural Assns Highway Way Bill Ltr to Conferees 11/10/2015
Multi-Association Ozone Ltr to Congress 11/06/2015
Agricultural Assns Highway Bill-Letter 11/03/2015
Crawford-Ashford Short Haul Graduated Driver Amendment Ltr of Support 11/03/2015
Food and Ag Support Ltr for Ribble SAFE Trucking Amendment 11/03/2015
Multi-Association Port Performance Act House Surface Transportation Bill 11/03/2015
Rep Newhouse-Multi Assn Port Performance Act Amendment Support Ltr 11/02/2015
Ltr to House_PTC Deadline Extension 10/06/2015
Coalition-Positive Train Control-Congress 10/02/2015
Ltr to Congress-Coalition_Positive Train Control 10/02/2015
Multi-Industry Ltr to HSGA_S2006-Regulatory Accountability Act of 2015 09/14/2015
USBCA Ltr to President Obama 09/10/2015
Transportation Highway Bill Ag Ltr to House 09/03/2015
USBCA Comments to EU 08/14/2015
Coalition Ltr to Senate Supporting Ports Performance Act Highway Bill_07-15-15 07/15/2015
2015 06 22 TBA Coalition Letter to Senate 06/22/2015
Coalition Ltr to Senate on Support of Port Transparency Act_06-22-15 06/22/2015
Comments_Senate Ports of LA (S 1298)_06-19-15 06/19/2015
Ozone Sign On Letter to the President_June 19 2015 06/19/2015
AG Coalition Ltr to Fed Maritime Comm on Detention and Demurrage_06-10-15 06/10/2015
WAC Ltr-Final WOTUS Rule_Support S1140 06/09/2015
Coalition Ltr to Senate on Support of PORTS Act_06-03-15 06/03/2015
Business and Agriculture Community Letter Opposing Amendment 1266 to CTPAA 06/02/2015
COOL Letter to MoCs re New Congress_150120_FINAL 06/02/2015
TBA Coalition Letter 5.21.15 05/21/2015
Business Assn. & Co. Letter Opposing the Trade Remedy Amendments to Trade Promotion Authority 05/20/2015
Business Letter on Brown Amendment 1251 05/19/2015
Letter To Congress_ISDS 05/19/2015
Portman Amendment 5.19.15 05/19/2015
USBCA Comments on MOA Amendments 5-15-15 05/15/2015
Letter_COOL Reform-Senate_PreWTOReport_FINAL 05/14/2015
Joint 2015-05-11-APHIS Coexistence Statement 05/11/2015
NAM ltr_Urge Passage of TPA 05/11/2015
Ltr-WAC to Inhofe-Boxer on Federal Water Quality Protection Act 4-30-15 FINAL 04/30/2015
Ltr-WAC to House Members on H R 1732-Regulatory Integrity Protection Act 4-29-15-FINAL 04/29/2015
H.R. 1599 Support Letter – 4.28.15 04/28/2015
USBCA Letter to EC on Opt-Out Proposal 4-28-15 04/28/2015
Investment-ISDS provisions in TPA_4-20-15 04/20/2015
150320 Letter to Thune-Nelson re S808 STB Reauthorization Bill 03/24/2015
Trade Benefits America Coalition letter on TPA bill_3-22-15 03/22/2015
Ltr-WAC Letter Requesting Re-Opening of WQS Rule Comment Period 3-19-15 03/19/2015
S 697 Final Letter For Legislative Hearing 03_18_15 03/18/2015
USBCA EC Biotech Review Letter 3-12-15 03/12/2015
CRP Letter to FSA March 2015 03/10/2015
Letter on EU Biotech Approvals to Commissioner Andriukatis 2-12-15 02/12/2015
AAI letter TSCA reform 114th Congress January 2015 01/13/2015
150112_Multi-Industry_HR185_RegulatoryAccountabilityAct_House 01/12/2015
AAI letter TSCA reform 114th Congress January 2015 (.zip) 01/06/2015

Press Releases

New Study Finds COVID-19 Pandemic Has $4.7 Billion Impact on the Soybean Industry 08/11/2020
Ag Groups Meet NEC letter 03/15/2017
NOPA-New Member 12/14/2016
ASA, NOPA Signal Strong Push on TPP in Lame Duck 10/17/2016
TPP Fact Sheet 10/17/2016
National Oilseed Processors Association Praises President Obama for Signing National Biotech Disclosure Into Law 07/01/2016
National Oilseed Processors Association Praises President Obama for Signing National Biotech Disclosure Into Law 07/01/2016
NOPA Supports the TPP 11/23/2015
NOPA Welcomes Release of TTP Text 11/05/2015
NOPA Applauds Conclusion of TPP 10/06/2015
NOPA Applauds Passage of TPA 06/24/2015
TPA Senate Press Release 05/21/2015
TPA NOPA Press Release 04/16/2015
NOPA Press Release – GMO Legislation 03/25/2015


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